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Shelby Woodard

Pitt MSW Outreach Intern

October 2022 - Present

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Where are you from?

Penn Yan, NY

What are the primary responsibilities of your role? 

I work with Tiffany on planning community events, flyering, and attend meetings to learn about policies and programs that impact Hazelwood residents.

Why is this job important to you and how does your educational, professional, or personal background help you to do your job well? 

This internship will allow me to directly apply many of the skills I am learning through my current education as a social work student at Pitt and engage with the community on issues that matter to them.

What do you love about this neighborhood? 

I love that the people of Hazelwood have a strong sense of community, as it reminds me of my hometown. I also love all the greenspace nearby as it was not something I was expecting to find when I moved to the city. 

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