COVID-19 Relief

Neighborhood Investment Fund COVID-19 Relief Grant

The Neighborhood Investment Fund COVID-19 Relief Grant is meant to support our efforts to prevent displacement in the Greater Hazelwood community. It is available to all residents of Hazelwood, Glenwood, and Glen Hazel who make less than 100% of the Area Median Income (AMI) and are struggling to pay their rent, mortgage, property tax, or utilities during the pandemic.


There are also a limited number of gift cards available to Giant Eagle, Target, Walmart, and Aldi to help families struggling to meet basic needs such as food, diapers, and cleaning supplies.


If your yearly income is less than $58,100 for a 1-person household, $66,400 for a 2-person household, $74,700 for a 3-person household, or $83,000 for a 4-person household, then you qualify! (These amounts may change slightly when the new AMI levels for 2021 are set.)


In order to help the maximum number of people, you may only apply for ONE grant (rent, mortgage, utilities, or basic needs). If new funds become available in the future, we will announce a new round of grants and you can re-apply at that time.

Please email supporting documents to .

Write "NIF C-19 Docs" with your name in the Subject line of the Email.

If you are unable to take a picture of documents with your phone and email them, email or call to make an appointment.

If you are applying for rental assistance, send the "Landlord Rental Verification" link to your landlord to complete. Make sure you both agree on the months you are applying for!

Hazelwood Initiative, Inc.

4901 Second Avenue

2nd Floor

Pittsburgh, PA 15207




NIF grant funds come from rents collected from Propel Hazelwood and donations from people like you who care. If you would like to help, you can donate by writing a check to "Hazelwood Initiative, Inc." and writing "NIF" in the check memo line. Then drop your check in our mailbox, or mail it to 4901 Second Ave., 2nd floor. We appreciate your support!

Additional COVID-19 Resources

  • Rental, Mortgage, and Utility Assistance

    • URA - The Housing Stabilization Program (HSP): a housing crisis intervention program that provides one-time or short term (up to 3 months, for a maximum of $3,000) financial assistance to households who are facing a temporary, non-reoccurring housing crisis. Call 211 and ask for the "URA Housing Stabilization Program" to see if you qualify.


  • Food Assistance

    • Center of Life: Meals for delivery (11am-1pm, Monday-Friday) 

      • 484-542-6572

    • Fishes and Loaves Cooperative Ministries: 

      • ​Meal Pick up -- Meals available for pick-up (11:30am-1pm, Monday-Friday)

      • Meals on Wheels

        • Bagged lunch and microwaveable dinners delivered to your door Monday – Friday (Delivered between 9:30am – 11am)

        • Serving Greater Hazelwood, Greenfield, and parts of Squirrel Hill

        • Available to anyone who needs food -- You do not have to be a senior citizen or disabled

        • Volunteers are always needed to help with deliveries

      • Contact Info

        • 412-499-4313 

        • 131 E Elizabeth (Pastoral Center), Pittsburgh PA 15207 

        • (volunteers needed!)

    • Holy Cross Lutheran Chapel

      • Food available for pickup on tables in front of the church every day​

      • Clothing available as needed; just ask! (9:30am-4pm, Monday-Friday)

      • 5319 Second Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15207

      • 412-521-0844

    • POORLAW: Meal delivery for Glen Hazel residents 

    • Praise Temple Deliverance Church: Meal delivery for Glenwood residents 

      • 412-277-0113

    • PROPEL Hazelwood: Meals for children available for pick-up Mondays and Thursdays 

      • 5401 Glenwood Ave

    • Meals for Seniors (City of Pittsburgh – Senior Centers)Meals for pick-up for seniors registered for congregate meal service available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (11am – 1pm) at the following Healthy Active Living (Senior) Centers:

      • Glen Hazel – 945 Rosselle Court, 15207

      • Hazelwood – 5344 Second Avenue, 15207


  • Food Assistance (City and County)

    • Big Burgh: To view a directory of available food, updated daily click here 

    • Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank: To find a food pantry near you click here

  • Mutual Aid – General assistance from volunteers