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Jenn Kim

Project Manager, Real Estate

August 2020 - Present


Where are you from?

New Jersey

What are the primary responsibilities of your role? 

I represent HI during various phases of affordable housing development, including design, contractor vetting, construction, buyer screening, sales, and funding disbursement.

Why is this job important to you and how does your educational, professional, or personal background help you to do your job well? 

My work at HI brings together my passion for housing equity and the built environment. My undergraduate education in international relations and economics helped me understand the role of politics in social and economic equity, and my graduate education in architecture honed my understanding of how the built environment contributes to these various facets. Teamwork, creative problem solving, and a service-oriented mindset are key assets that I bring to our team at HI. It is rewarding to see that our work has a direct and positive impact on Hazelwood's residents.

What do you love about this neighborhood? 

The people I have come to know in Hazelwood have been consistently kind, down-to-earth, and engaged in their community. I love seeing people empowered to voice their opinions and shape the future of their community. 

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