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Micro-grants can be up to $200 and applications are accepted on a rolling basis. This grant is most often used for community events, block parties, and workshops, but other uses that seek to create a benefit for residents of Greater Hazelwood will also be considered!

See below for how some groups have used this grant, as well as program guidelines and restrictions. If you have questions about the program, email Tiffany Taulton, HI Director of Community Initiatives:

NIF Micro 2 (Heather Mull)

Credit: Heather Mull


Here are some ways groups in Hazelwood have used their Micro grants: 


Renova Days Summer Block Party

JADA House Back-to-School Blast Off - Backpack Giveaway

Holy Cross Lutheran Church Toy Drive

POORLAW - Annual Hazelwood Toy Drive

Autism Urban Connections - Annual Autism Awareness Fun Day

THYMAA - Annual Community Love Event

RAGS - Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Greater Hazelwood Community Thanksgiving Dinner


  1. Grant awards may not exceed $200.

  2. Applicants must explain how the grant will be used for the benefit of Greater Hazelwood.

  3. Applications for micro-grants will be accepted on a rolling basis.

  4. Grantees must provide a signed IRS Form W9

  5. Grantees must provide documentation that the grant funds were used for the proposed purpose and describe how the expected benefit was achieved. Documentation could include pictures, news articles, invoices, cost estimates, etc.

  6. Applicants may be awarded micro-grants a maximum of four times per year.

  7. Documentation must be provided within 2 weeks after the proposed event or grant use.

  8. Grantees who do not provide acceptable documentation that a grant was used for the proposed purpose will not be eligible to receive future micro-grants up-front. Applications for future micro-grant awards will be accepted and must be received prior to the proposed use; however, if the application is approved, the funds will only be available to provide reimbursement to the grantee.


  1. Individuals may not receive funds solely for personal use or benefit.

  2. Grant applications will not be considered for rent or mortgage payments, building or vehicle purchases, political fundraisers, or to improve the cash flow of a small business.

  3. Hazelwood Initiative, Inc. cannot be a grantee.

  4. Hazelwood Initiative, Inc. cannot serve as a fiduciary agent for applicants.

  5. Applicants that are small businesses or entrepreneurs must contribute 10% of the projected budget in personal funds (e.g., if the projected budget for the requested activity is $3000, the applicant must provide at least $300 for the activity him/herself.)

Public Notice of Grant Awards:

After notification is made to applicants, those applicants who are awarded grants and the purpose of those grants may be publicized in print and social media as well as at various community meetings.

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