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ReLeaf Greater Hazelwood

This two-year project from 2021 through 2022 was done in partnership with Tree Pittsburgh and has had a very successful start. Residents are eager to bring back the health of the greenway and to make their own neighborhoods healthier, more attractive, and climate-resilient. Trees are vital for improving the air quality in a community that suffers from high rates of asthma and depression. Additionally, a strong tree canopy can reduce heat sickness, floods, erosion and the risk of landslides that can damage houses.

ReLeaf Mulching 2021.jpg


Tree Pit Cleaning & Mulching 

This was one of our first events through the program. We cleaned and mulched the tree pits on Second Avenue from Flowers Ave. to Tecumesh Street. It was great to see youth and adult residents as well as volunteers from other communities join this fun activity!


Tree Pruning, Training, and Certifying Tree Tenders

Eight new tree tenders were trained during the first year of the grant! To make sure they get the most out of their certification, a Second Avenue tree pruning event on March 5th was our first activity for 2022.

Tree ID Walk with Tree Pittsburgh.jpg


Tree ID Walk

Through the grant program, Greater Hazelwood residents were able to attend a free tree ID walk in the Hazelwood Greenway led by Tree Pittsburgh's director of urban forestry, Matt Erb.


Tree Giveaway

Greater Hazelwood residents showed strong support for the program, leading all Pittsburgh neighborhoods as they picked up over two dozen trees to plant in their yards. Trees on private property tend to live longer and have more room to grow, so resident participation is essential for longterm success of the program.



Climate Change Education

Tree Pittsburgh's Joe Stavish showed resident youth how trees roots act like sponges to soak up stormwater that can flood streets and basements and lead to mold issues. This simple game was really effective at showing the importance of planting trees for climate resilience!



Tree Planting

In 2020, the organization received 25 trees through a TreeVitalize grant. These were planted in front of the former YMCA building--now Three Rivers Village School--and the Lytle Land Playground.

In 2021, as part of the ReLeaf Greater Hazelwood grant and an additional TreeVitalize grant, 17 trees were planted along Second Avenue, 32 trees were given to residents, and 183 trees were planted in the Hazelwood Greenway.

In 2022, 80 trees will be planted in the greenway on April 9th. Residents can sign up for the April 23rd Earth Day Tree Giveaway on Tree Pittsburgh's website while supplies last!

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