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Dave Brewton

Senior Director of Real Estate

Where are you from?


What are the primary responsibilities of your role? 

My work with HI allows me to help low-income Hazelwood residents to buy houses at prices they can afford and to preserve affordable rental housing in Hazelwood.  I also get to work with the community to rebuild the Hazelwood business district while supporting Hazelwood-based entrepreneurs.  

Why is this job important to you and how does your educational, professional, or personal background help you to do your job well? 

My work with HI allows me to fulfill my personal mission of working in partnership with the community to build a stronger Hazelwood, while helping people own and/or live in a nice home in a vibrant community.  I believe that God has called me to this work.  My education and 40-year career in non-profit and community development work has equipped me to be helpful to HI's mission.  

What do you love about this neighborhood? 

The people, of course, and the view of the river and downtown from the bike trail along Hazelwood Green.  

412-421-7234 ext. 407

Dave Brewton
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