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Since 2000, Hazelwood Initiative (HI) has published The Homepage to provide nearly 10,000 readers with content that speaks to the shared concerns, interests, and curiosities of Greater Hazelwood, Greenfield, the 31st Ward, and the Run. We’re a recognized and trusted source of community news, updates, and opinion pieces covering local development, the environment, personal wellness, and more.

Even though the paper operates out of our office in Hazelwood, we are committed to being responsive and relevant to our entire readership, while also respecting the identity and independence of these proud communities. We strive to make the paper an empowering platform for residents to share opinions, celebrate success, ask questions, and seek out others for projects and initiatives.

If you’re interested in suggesting a story or otherwise contributing to The Homepage, please email Alfred DiRosa ( or call 412-421-7234.

We are enthusiastic about promoting the work of the many community groups, non-profits, and businesses that may not reach our readers through other forms of media. As a free newspaper with a wide circulation, we offer a unique vehicle for advertisers to bypass more crowded or exclusive marketing spaces in order to directly speak to a broad audience.

Once supported through community block grants, The Homepage now depends on a combination of advertising revenue and the operating budget of HI to remain active. By choosing to advertise with us, you’re helping to keep this community resource active and sustainable.

We offer discounts for long-term advertising, lower rates for non-profits (depending on size), and hands-on assistance in creating and editing graphics. For more details about our rates and process, please click below.

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