Affordable Home Ownership Program

In order to provide a path toward homeownership in Hazelwood, HI developed the Affordable Home Ownership Program (AHOP). The program consists of identifying seriously blighted, single-family houses in the community, purchasing the houses at modest prices, renovating them, and selling them to low-income families at affordable prices. Thus far, each house Hazelwood Initiative has sold has resulted in mortgages of $500 or less per month



Dave Brewton, Director of Real Estate

 412-421-7234 ext. 407    



Jenn Kim, Project Manager

412-421-7234 ext. 404



Hazelwood initiative's Affordable Home Ownership Program guides eligible candidates toward 1st-time home ownership in 3 easy steps


Step 1 

Step 2

Step 3

Check to see if you qualify

Find out your credit score

Contact our Real Estate Department

A potential home buyer should earn enough to comfortably afford a monthly mortgage and utilities, yet fall below the income maximums listed below

To obtain a mortgage, a minimum credit score of 650 is necessary, however, if your credit score is below 650, our credit counseling partners will work with you to improve your score

Our Real Estate Department will work with you to find an available home that meets your families needs

Household Size          Income Max

   1 Occupant                   $44,750

  2 Occupants                  $51,150

  3 Occupants                  $57,550

  4 Occupants                  $63,900

  5 Occupants                  $69,050

Hazelwood Initiative, Inc.

4901 Second Ave, 2nd Floor

Pittsburgh, PA 15207


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