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Real Estate

What we do

We are working on the following fronts to ensure low- and moderate-income residents of Hazelwood benefit from the new investments in the community.

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Affordable Housing

In response to the imminent development of Hazelwood Green, we are empowering existing residents through: 

  • Hazelwood Affordable Rental Preservation Program (HARPP)
  • Acquisition and improvement of 63 affordable rental units over the next 3 years for preservation as permanently affordable housing.   

  • Affordable Homeownership Program (AHP)
    • Renovation of single-family houses for sale to low & moderate-income first-time buyers.  

  • Gladstone Residences
    • Preservation of historic Gladstone School and development of 44 permanently affordable rental units in partnership with the Community Builders
  • Homeownership incubator
    • Creation and management of a 2-unit supported rental project designed to help Hazelwood renters become homeowners​​​

Commercial Revitalization

We are partnering with the developers of Hazelwood Green and the URA to ensure that 2nd Avenue remains the focus of retail development in the community. 


To that end, we are now redeveloping four properties on 2nd Avenue and have been deeply involved in the URA's proposal for the 4800 block to ensure a neighborhood-sensitive development. The goal is to create a walkable town center that will serve both existing and new residents of Hazelwood. 

Hazelwood Initiative, Inc.

4901 Second Avenue

2nd Floor

Pittsburgh, PA 15207


Nancy Noszka,

Director of Real Estate

Office: 412-421-7234 ext. 407

Fostering economic mobility

Constituent service is a constant in our community-based office. To increase our effectiveness, HI recently began a partnership with Catapult Greater Pittsburgh to provide financial & homebuyer education to Hazelwood residents seeking to improve their financial circumstances.

Building Community

In 2016, HI launched the Neighborhood Investment Fund, a community-led small grants program used to sponsor organizations and small businesses that are working to improve the community.  To date, we have granted nearly $100,000 to local groups and businesses. 


In response to Hazelwood residents' needs during the COVID pandemic, the grant program has converted to a COVID relief grant and will be used to provide rent & mortgage assistance and gift cards to grocery and general goods stores.  


Our work is geared toward Hazelwood's most important asset: people. To help strengthen Hazelwood's community, HI provides monthly forums for neighbors to advocate for better services and enjoy community-building and social activities.


Elevationz: home to Monae's Hair Salon, Killa Kutz (barber shop), the Diamond Room (event space), The Glam Room (lashes & brows), and New 2 You (resale shop).

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