Can a community that has undergone decades of neglect and disinvestment to revitalize without displacing current and long-time residents?

We believe it is for Hazelwood, and our motto of "development without displacement" reflects that ambitious goal. Growing the community's stock of affordable housing, assisting Hazelwood renters to become homeowners, and strengthening Hazelwood's existing small businesses are all part of our approach to ensure that community stakeholders do not get priced out of their community, and are positioned to benefit from future development. Click below to learn more about our housing programs:

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Hazelwood Initiative, Inc.

4901 Second Avenue

2nd Floor

Pittsburgh, PA 15207



Affordable Homeownership Program (AHP)
Hazelwood Affordable Rental Preservation Program (HARPP)
Gladstone Residences

The AHOP program is designed for anyone interested in becoming a homeowner in Hazelwood. Homeownership is an excellent way to create wealth for individuals and their families. All of the homes we have renovated and sold through our program have resulted in mortgages under $500 a month. 


Hazelwood Initiative purchased 63 units from the Community's largest landlord in order to preserve long-term affordable housing.

Hazelwood Initiative is working in parternship with Davis Consulting Solutions, Community2Work, and P.O.O.R.L.A.W to provide resources to increase employment for Hazelwood residents and support small businesses. 

     Hazelwood Initiative has been working for 2 years to secure the Gladstone property, as well as the funding necessary, to convert 1 of the 2 buildings into 50 units of permanently affordable rental housing for Hazelwood renters. In November, 2019, HI and its development partner (The Community Builders) applied for PA Low-Income Housing Tax Credits to begin this transformation. The process of receiving tax credits is highly competitive and time consuming. We anticipate a determination for the tax credits to take place in the spring of 2020.