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In 2020, Hazelwood Initiative redirected its Neighborhood Investment Fund (NIF) to help residents in need pay for their rent, mortgage, utilities, property taxes, and needed basic items such as food, diapers, and medicine. In the two years since the pandemic began, we have stabilized nearly 100 houses every year and distributed over $100,000 in assistance.

The funding for this new neighborhood assistance program comes from rents collected from Propel Hazelwood and donations from people like you who care. If you would like to help us help more people, you can donate by writing a check to "Hazelwood Initiative, Inc." and writing "NIF" in the check memo line. Then drop your check in our mailbox, or mail it to 4901 Second Ave., 2nd floor.


From March through August of 2022, we are also raising funds to help low- to moderate-income homeowners receive free solar panels that will help to lower their utility bills and make their homes more affordable longterm. If you would like to support this energy justice initiative, please make your donation at:


Thank you for your support!

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