As an expression of our commitment to the mission of developing without displacement, Hazelwood Initiative entered into an agreement to purchase 63 units to preserve them as permanently affordable rental housing.   

This was the single largest investment Hazelwood Initiative made into its community with the goal of providing affordable quality housing for the low-income families in Hazelwood. We have been working to put together a responsive property management system for the first group of units which transitioned into our stewardship in March 2020 –

  • Renovating the vacant units to make them available to low-income Hazelwood residents on Section 8; 

  • Addressing urgent renovation needs in occupied units; and

  • Raising funds for the remaining units to be purchased.


Hazelwood Affordable Rental Preservation Program

Hazelwood Initiative, Inc.

4901 Second Avenue

2nd Floor

Pittsburgh, PA 15207



Prospective Tenants

Current Tenants