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Hazelwood Initiative acquired 63 rental units in Hazelwood to preserve them as permanently affordable housing. This was the single largest investment we made in the community to alleviate rent burden for low-income households.


Hazelwood Affordable Rental Preservation Program
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Hazelwood Initiative, Inc.

4901 Second Avenue

2nd Floor

Pittsburgh, PA 15207



If you are interested in leasing one of our vacant units and have a Section-8 voucher, please submit a rental inquiry form by clicking the button below.

Gladstone Residences

Historic Preservation & Affordable Housing

Hazelwood Initiative's mission is "building a stronger Hazelwood through inclusive community development". One of the ways we have sought to expand on this mission is through the purchase of the Gladstone School. After an open bid was conducted by the School Board, HI was awarded the rights to purchase the school in 2015. After a subsequent and lengthy legal proceeding regarding the sale, HI was finally permitted to continue with the neighborhood plan of increasing affordable housing and move forward with plans to develop this site in March of 2019. Since then, HI has worked collectively with residents and planners to develop a design that will result in 53 total units, 44 of which will be permanently affordable housing


In August of 2020, Hazelwood Initiative and its development partner - the Community Builders - secured the PA Low-Income Housing Tax Credits to begin this transformation. The organization is now in the process of finalizing construction plans and looks forward to the first residents moving in around fall 2023.

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