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Gavin White (2018-2022)

What is your connection to the neighborhood?

I am a resident.

Where are you from and what brought you to Hazelwood? 

I'm from Mars! (Pennsylvania). I moved to Pittsburgh for college and stayed ever since, living in the Hill District until 2015 when I bought my house in Hazelwood.


What are the TOP TWO most important parts of our mission that you are concerned about? 

Affordable homeownership, greenspace and sustainability

Why are the above issues important to you? 

All life deserves a home they can be proud of. That includes housing for humans, first and foremost, but also a thriving neighborhood of healthy habitats for people and species of all kinds. 


How does your background provide you with unique skills or insight to help tackle these issues as a board member? 

I currently work as the Director of Planning and Project for Riverlife. Previously, I worked as the Community Projects Manager for the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, where I develop park projects in partnership with communities all across the city. I also serve on a national committee for Parks and Urban Open Space Equity, where we discuss creative ways to bring together affordable housing and inclusive community development with quality green spaces. Finally, I'm the executive officer for the Climate Change and Resilience committee at World Urban Parks, where I work with international professionals to make sure parks lead the way to more sustainable cities and a healthier planet. 


What do you love about Hazelwood?

I love its diversity of people, of places, of activities and more.

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