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Jourdan Hicks (2019-2024)

What is your connection to the neighborhood?

I grew up in Hazelwood, on Glenwood Ave.

Where are you from and what brought you to Hazelwood? 
I'm from Hazelwood and my family lives here.


What are the TOP TWO most important parts of our mission that you are concerned about? 

affordable commercial space, greenspace and sustainability

Why are the above issues important to you? 

Health and wealth are important in future building and maintaining the opportunities people have to play an active role in their community and be self sufficient.

How does your background provide you with unique skills or insight to help tackle these issues as a board member? 

I grew up in this neighborhood, so I know the people and the history here. Additionally, as a journalist for Public Source, with degrees in communications and education, I am good at asking questions, considering other points of view, and communicating ideas effectively.

What do you love about Hazelwood?

Loyalty and familial connection amongst neighbors

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