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Mikal Merlina (2021-2024)

What is your connection to the neighborhood?

I am a resident.

Where are you from and what brought you to Hazelwood?

I'm from the Pittsburgh area. I moved here with my family because it was convenient to my work and our children's schools. 


What are the TOP TWO most important parts of our mission that you are concerned about? 

Affordable homeownership, greenspace and sustainability

Why are the above issues important to you? 

Homeownership provides security, community, greatly reduced finical obligations, the possibility of savings and a nest egg for retirement and/or end of life needs. One of Hazelwood's greatest assets is the greenway. I support any effort to restore the forest that surrounds us. It has the potential to benefit our community and region in the same way as the cities other great parks.


What do you love about Hazelwood?

My family and I love Hazelwood! We love the trees, the sense of community, history and easy access to pretty much anywhere in the city. We are excited for new development to come in the form of Hazelwood Green and many of the efforts of HI.

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