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Hazelwood Initiative, Inc.

Building a stronger Hazelwood through inclusive community development

Our Impact

Building Generational Wealth

25 homes sold to low-moderate income 1st time homeowners

Affordable commercial spaces rented to local entrepreneurs on 2nd Ave.

Improving Climate Resilience

700+ trees planted to reduce heat and flood risk on public lands, schools, and residences

7 households granted free solar installations

2 community gardens, 2 parklets, and 1 playground created and maintained; 11 indoor and outdoor air quality monitors installed

Preserving Homes and History

63 units purchased for low-income rentals; 43 under construction

Renovation of 2 schools and 5 other buildings of community significance; 5 public art projects

Financial Assistance 

Provided $155,000 in housing and food assistance grants through our Neighborhood Investment Fund 

Helped residents to successfully apply for $1 MILLION in grants from the Emergency Rental Assistance Program

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2016 -2022
Impact Report!

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