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Neighborhood Investment Fund

The Neighborhood Investment Fund Grant
is closed until we are at least able to process applications.

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What is the NIF?

The Neighborhood Investment Fund Grant is funded through the rent Hazelwood Initiative receives from Propel Hazelwood, which is used to prevent displacement in the Greater Hazelwood community. It is available to all residents of Hazelwood and Glen Hazel who make less than 100% of the Area Median Income (AMI) and are behind on their rent, mortgage, property tax, or utilities during the pandemic.

Am I eligible?

You qualify if you live in Greater Hazelwood and have a yearly household* income under:

  • $70,900 for a 1-person household.

  • $81,050 for a 2-person household.

  • $91,150 for a 3-person household.

  • $101,200 for a 4-person household.

If your household size is larger, contact Lauren Coursey for income limits.

In order to help the maximum number of people, you may only apply for ONE grant (rent, mortgage, property tax, utilities OR basic needs gift card).

*Household includes everyone living in your home.

How does it work?

For as long as funds remain available*, we will pay a maximum of:

  • $500 for utility bills and property taxes.

  • $1,200 for rent and mortgage.

There is also a SMALL number of $100 gift cards available to Giant Eagle, Target, Aldi, and Dylamato’s to help families struggling to meet basic needs such as food, diapers, and cleaning supplies.

Only one grant will be issued per household. 

*Grants will be available until funds run out. 

How to apply

1. Fill out an application online.

2. Then submit the required documents by:

  • Dropping them off at our office between the hours of 10:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.

  • OR mailing them to our office at 4901 Second Ave, 2nd Floor, Pittsburgh, PA, 15207.

  • OR emailing clear pictures to grants@hazelwoodinitiative.orgDo not email any documents that have your Social Security Number or other highly personal information.

  • OR making an appointment with Lauren Coursey to copy your documents at the Hazelwood Initiative office (4201 Second Ave, 2nd Floor) by emailing or calling 412-467-6332.

How do you decide who gets a grant?
How will you pay my rent or mortgage? 
How decide?

Applications are processed in the order they are received. 

We will cut a check and send it directly to your landlord, mortgage company, etc.

How pay?
How will I get my gift card?

If you are approved for a gift card, you can pick it up at the office or we will mail it to the address you provide, however, if it is lost in the mail, it cannot be replaced. We cannot replace lost gift cards.

How gift card
What documents do I need to submit?

In order to be approved for a grant, you must submit supporting documentation as proof of four things:

  • Identity with a government-issued ID card.

  • Residency in Greater Hazelwood with a government-issued ID card, utility bill or government letter with your current address on it.

  • Income with a copy of your most recent SSI award letter, most recent W-2 tax forms, two most recent paystubs, or your most recent tax return..

  • Proof of the amount owed (choose one program):

    • Utilities - most recent utility bill(s)

    • Mortgage - most recent mortgage bill(s)

    • Rent - completed landlord agreement form (available through our website)

    • Property Taxes - most recent bill(s)

What doc
What is the turnaround time for grants? 

We cut checks every two weeks, so it depends where in that cycle you submit your application and all required documents, and when your landlord verifies the rent you owe. We will speak with your landlord if you are worried about your rent arriving on time.

Checks will typically be mailed directly to your landlord (or other payee) every other Friday afternoon.

We will email you confirmation that the check or gift card has been mailed, for how much, and on what date.

What is the most money I can recieve?
  • Rent & mortgage: up to $1,200.

  • Utilities & Property taxes: up to $500.

  • Gift cards: one gift card of $100.

Max money
How do I submit my documents?
  • Email a clear picture of your documents to with “NIF documents” in the subject line.

  • OR mail them to our office at 4901 Second Ave, 2nd Floor, Pittsburgh, PA, 15207.

  • OR drop them off at the Hazelwood Initiative's office from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • OR make an appointment to scan them at the office by emailing or calling 412-467-6332.

How submit
Who is eligible?
  • Residents of Hazelwood or Glen Hazel.

  • AND have a household income under 100% Area Median Income (AMI).

Who eligible
How many NIF grants can I apply for?

You can only apply for one: either rent OR mortgage OR property taxes OR utilities OR a basic needs gift card.

How many
If I can’t contact my landlord to sign the rent owed verification form, what should I do? 

We will hold your grant award for you – we count that as paid. We will attempt to contact your landlord if you are unable to. But if your landlord verification form is never handed in and signed, we will not be able to issue payment.

Contact landlord
Can you get a check to my landlord in two days?

No, but we will pay late fees unless you have reached the limit for assistance.

2 day pay
More resources

See below for other kinds of assistance and other assistance programs. 

Action Housing

Provides a variety of programs for renters and homeowners in their homes and in searching for new housing. For more information check out their website at or call 412-281-2102.

URA Homeowner Assistance Program (HAP)

These programs provide up to $35,000 in financial assistance to eligible homeowners for rehabilitating and improving residential owner-occupied properties within the City of Pittsburgh. More information can be found at

First time homebuyers may also want to view:

Pittsburgh Housing Assistance Resource Portal

This portal provides a tailored list of household resources based on your specific needs. To access the portal go to

URA Housing Stabilization Program (HSP)

Provides one-time assistance of $3,000 to renters and $6,000 to homeowners facing a housing crisis. To find information call Allegheny Link at, 1-866-730-2368, and ask for the "URA Housing Stabilization Program" to see if you qualify. You can also visit them at One Smithfield Street, 2nd Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. Their service hours are 8am to 7pm. Or email:

The Pennsylvania Homeowners Assistance Fund (PAHAF)

Services provided: Mortgage Payments, Mortgage Reinstatement, Housing Property Charges, Utility Payments. Application can be filled out online at or call 888.987.2423 for assistance.

Housing Authority-City of Pittsburgh

The Housing Authority provides a information on a variety of services including looking for housing, applying for housing, the housing choice voucher program, and emergency housing. For more information visit their website at

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