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Our Work - "Development Without Displacement"

HARPP (credit Robinson)

Is it possible for a community that has undergone decades of neglect and disinvestment to revitalize without displacing current and long-time residents?


     HI believes it is for Hazelwood, and our motto of "development without displacement" reflects that ambitious goal. Growing the community's stock of affordable housing, assisting Hazelwood renters to become homeowners, and strengthening Hazelwood's existing small businesses are all part of our approach to ensure that community stakeholders do not get priced out of their community, and are positioned to benefit from future development. Click below to learn more about our programs to increase and maintain affordable housing:






















     We know that equitable community development is not just about brick-and-mortar projects, because they're nothing without the people who live, work, and play in our community. We're proud to be based in one of Pittsburgh's most racially diverse neighborhoods, and we celebrate that by weaving inclusivity and the community's culture into our work. We have a long record of creating and supporting projects that increase the social and economic opportunities for residents to further enjoy their neighborhood. Re-opening a school, community grants, establishing a playground, and maintaining community gardens are a few ways that HI is creating broad benefits for residents. Click below to learn more:








Our approach to development would be incomplete without the participation and direction of our members and the broader Greater Hazelwood community, which is why community engagement is so key to our work. For over 20 years, we have built deep and lasting connections with residents, churches, local businesses, and community groups devoted to improving their community, and we do our best to amplify and support their efforts through our programs whenever possible. Monthly community meetings, working with the GHCC, and our free monthly newspaper are just some ways we keep residents involved and connected to our work:

As a member of the Greater Hazelwood Community Collaborative (GHCC), HI joins in the efforts of a variety of organizations and groups based in and outside of the neighborhood to share and seek feedback to ensure that we are balancing development to meet expressed neighborhood needs and challenges. 

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