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Community Development

We know that community development is not just about brick-and-mortar projects, because they're nothing without the people who live, work, and play in our community. That's why we have driven and supported initiatives that increase the social and economic opportunities for residents to further enjoy their neighborhood. 

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Community Gardens

Hazelwood's Urban Ag Team is at the center of much of the organized community gardening in Greater Hazelwood. Everybody's Garden on Lytle St. and the Hazelwood Community Garden on Chatsworth St. each offer different styles of gardening that provide opportunities for residents to grow or pick their own food. 

The Homepage

Since 2000, Hazelwood Initiative (HI) has published The Homepage to provide nearly 10,000 readers with content that speaks to the shared concerns, interests, and curiosities of Greater Hazelwood, Greenfield, the 31st Ward, and the Run. We’re a recognized and trusted source of community news, updates, and opinion pieces covering local development, the environment, personal wellness, and more.

Lytle Land

In partnership with Trying Together (TT) and The Playful Pittsburgh Collaborative (PPC), HI brought residents and volunteers together in 2016 to help turn a vacant lot on Lytle Street into a state-of-the-art playground. Part of PPC's Hazelwood Play Trail, the park is co-managed between HI and TT and hosts a number of playful pop-up events throughout the year. Now officially known as Lytle Land, the playground provides opportunities for kids of different ages and abilities to safely exercise and play in their community.  


From cultural holidays like MLK Day, as well as seasonal events like Safe Halloween and Light Up Night, HI has found ways to bring residents together to strengthen a collective sense of community and provide fun or educational opportunities to form new or deeper social connections within the neighborhood. 

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Hazelwood Initiative, Inc.

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