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Council District 5 rundown, turnout and candidate statements | The Homepage

By Juliet Martinez

Allegheny County voters came out in force for the 2022 midterm elections. In District 5, four candidates vied for the chance to fill the city council seat Corey O'Connor vacated in July.

Candidate vote totals

Barb Warwick: 11,72 (74.29%)

On Election Day: 7072

Absentee: 4650

Eugene Bokor: 3,045 (19.30%)

On Election Day: 2572

Absentee: 473

Matt Mahoney: 816 (5.17%)

On Election Day: 565

Absentee: 251

Robert McCune: 130 (0.82%)

On Election Day: 86

Absentee: 44

Write-in: 66 (0.42%)

On Election Day: 41

Absentee: 25

Top precincts for turnout

Countywide, 60% of registered voters turned out. In District 5, 60.28% of registered voters cast ballots for a city council candidate.

In the 14th Ward, District 27 had the highest turnout at 77.88%. In the 15th Ward, District 6 had the highest turnout at 72.29%. In the 31st Ward, District 2 had the highest turnout with 70.76%.

Source for election data: Allegheny County Board of Elections

Third-party candidate Robert McCune on Barb Warwick's election to city council

I'm not a sore loser. I'm going to call Ms. Barb and give her my sincerest congratulations and see if there's anything I can do to assist her. But my agenda is going to remain the same. I've always been doing things for this neighborhood and I'm going to continue.

As far as the political aspect, I feel things needed to be worked on in both parties.

I may have lost, but I’m not defeated. This is not the whole picture, this is just the canvas. Right now we’re just cleaning the canvas.

Independent candidate Matt Mahoney on Barb Warwick's election to city council

I wish Barb all the best, both as a neighbor and as our community's next representative on City Council. Barb showed great initiative in her campaign and kept a fast pace throughout the race. The results speak for themselves, and I look forward to working with her office on key issues soon. I'm deeply grateful for and overjoyed by the number of neighbors that voted for me! I want to sincerely thank all of my supporters. I entered this special election very late, and I feel my no-budget, month-long campaign was a great success! Moving forward, I'm going to continue following my passion for community service by listening to more neighbors, continuing my community survey, and strengthening partnerships.

If I've learned anything from this experience, it's that I've re-affirmed my passion for community service, and that I'm now certain that we work better together.

Voter snapshot

Kelsey Salerno

A smiling, pale-skinned young woman with a long, auburn ponytail and a white sweatshirt with a NASA logo and her hands in her pockets stands next to a green banister. Her back is to a white door and a white, cinder-block wall.
Kelsey Salerno after voting at Holy Angels Church in Hays. Photo by Juliet Martinez

What are the issues that affected your voting choices?

“I started my political work with Planned Parenthood, so obviously like, reproductive justice. I was also an organizer for clean energy and transitioning us out of dirty fuel, so the environment. I love Summer Lee, too; she’s great, so I supported her. I think it will be great to see a Black woman in Congress."

Voter snapshot

Prestine Bush

What are the issues that affected your voting choices?

On the left, a smiling teen with dark skin and stylish glasses wears a black Rick and Morty hoodie with the hood up and black jeans; she is making a "thumbs up" gesture. On the right a 30-something dark-skinned woman with her hair pulled back from her face and glasses. She wears a black parka over a light green t-shirt and gray skinny jeans.
Prestine Bush with daughter Kaelyn (above) after voting at Elevationz in Hazelwood. Photo by Juliet Martinez

“Women’s rights. I feel that a woman has a right to her own choice, regardless of whether we agree with them or not.

"Another one... is the gun violence that’s completely like just playing everywhere and it’s really affecting communities within Pittsburgh.”

Thank you, poll workers!

Three dark-skinned ladies sit at a folding table covered with papers. A tall, dark-skinned man in gray sweatpants and a blue hoodie stands across the table and holds out something in his right hand. Behind him, a slight, light-skinned gray-haired man with a white duckbill N95 mask and a yellow lanyard around his neck talks on a cell phone. Behind him, a bronze suit of armor is visible against the white wall.
Poll workers at Elevationz in Hazelwood said they had a steady stream of voters on the morning of November 8. Photo by Juliet Martinez

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