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By Pastor Lutual Love

For the past two years a group of Pittsburghers has been organizing efforts to fight against food apartheid in our communities. We are united around one common cause: to bring about food justice for all. As co-chair of the Food Justice Fund Committee, I am proud to have the opportunity to work with these concerned and dedicated residents and city officials.

In July 2023 the city designated $3 million for a Food Justice Fund. This fund is an effort to make food more accessible to residents. You can learn more about the Food Justice Fund and how you may be able to access some of this funding by visiting Please scan this QR code and take the survey to share your ideas and concerns.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at lutuallove@ gmail. com or 412-277-0113. God Bless, Pastor Love.

Lutual Love is pastor of Praise Temple Deliverance Church, and vice president and co-founder of the Greater Hazelwood Coalition Against Racial and Ethnic Disparities, also known as GH-CARED.

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