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First look at the new homes on Flowers Avenue in Hazelwood | The Homepage

Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, selling for $205,000

By Nancy Noszka

The three new, affordable, energy-efficient homes on Flowers Avenue are almost finished. Photo by Raymond Bowman

In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, new-construction homes stand out as beacons of space, functionality and contemporary aesthetics.

Hazelwood Initiative, Inc. is close to completing three new-construction homes on Flowers Avenue. These spacious homes are designed for modern living, with open concept living space seamlessly integrating the kitchen, dining and living areas.

One of the highlights of these homes is the inclusion of three bedrooms and two bathrooms, which can be scarce in Hazelwood’s existing housing stock. These new houses are also built with the latest materials and technologies, ensuring durability, energy efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements. From energy-efficient appliances to smart home features, these properties are tailored to enhance convenience and sustainability.

At $205,000, these 3-bedroom, 2-bath homes represent exceptional value in today’s real estate market. The combination of affordable pricing and modern amenities makes them attractive to homebuyers.

As property values tend to grow over time, investing in a new construction home may yield long-term financial benefits for homeowners.

We are looking for homeowners who will live in these new homes, put down roots and be part of the community. No investors please. Note that certain income restrictions may apply.

Keep an eye out for an open house announcement in late June. For more information, please visit or email me at

The homes have been funded by First Commonwealth Bank, Pennsylvania Finance Housing Agency, and the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh.

Nancy Noszka is the director of real estate for Hazelwood Initiative.


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