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Greenfield Community Association Person of the Year: Corey O’Connor | The Homepage

By Michael Bartley

From left: A light-skinned older man with short, white hair and a gray suit; a light-skinned man around 40 with short dark hair and a light blue shirt with a dark suit and tie; a light-skinned woman in her 40's with blond hair pulled back and a black dress; a 50-something light-skinned man with slightly gray hair and a white shirt with the top button open and a dark suit coat; a light-skinned 50-something man with a receding hairline and a broad smile wears a white shirt, a patterned blue tie and a dark blue suit coat.
From left: awards organizer Jim Gregg , Person of the Year Corey O'Connor, new District 5 city council member Barb Warwick, state senator Jay Costa and emcee Michael Bartley. Photo courtesy of Michael Bartley

It was a sold out, packed house for the 36th Annual Greenfield Community Awards Dinner held on November 12, 2022.

Some 26 giving neighbors were honored for their volunteerism and overall community help to numerous organizations. The event was planned and executed under the leadership of Jim Gregg and Greenfield Organized Against Drugs, the Greenfield Community Association, and numerous others.

The Greenfield Person of the Year was County Controller Corey O’Connor, who served Greenfield and surrounding neighborhoods as its City Council representative for six years until becoming Allegheny County Controller in July.

Mr. O'Connor said in a phone call after the event that he was humbled by the recognition from a place that means a lot to him.

“I live here, I grew up here. It is a very special place for me,” he said, adding, “I still represent the district, just at a different level.”

Michael Bartley, chairman of the 15th Ward Democratic committee, was master of ceremonies and handed out awards in the areas of Youth Recognition, Business, Greenfield Baseball, Greenfield Hall of Fame and several other categories.

More than 260 people attended. The annual awardees will be celebrated yet again at this year’s Greenfield Holiday Parade, Friday December 2 beginning at 7 p.m. on Greenfield Avenue.


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