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Real estate director passes the torch after 10 years | The Homepage

By Juliet Martinez, Managing Editor

Dave Brewton has not kept his impending retirement a secret. He has eagerly anticipated it for at least a year. So you may already know that he will be leaving the real estate director position after 10 years. His last day is March 15.

A light-skinned woman, a light-skinned man, a dark-skinned woman and a light-skinned woman
Dave Brewton, second from the left, with Pittsburgh Land Bank staff and Hazelwood Initiative Executive Director Sonya Tilghman after closing on the Flowers Avenue properties in August. Photo by Emily Kauchak

Through Dave’s hard work, Hazelwood Initiative has secured or preserved more than 65 affordable rental units. Many of these required significant upgrades, which he made sure happened. He has navigated the purchase, renovation and sale of more than 25 affordable homes for first-time home buyers. Three more are under construction on Flowers Avenue thanks to his efforts.

Dave has also overseen programs that helped over 250 Hazelwood homeowners complete essential home repairs. This helps keep residents in their homes, stabilizes entire blocks and allows homeowners to pass their wealth to future generations.

He oversaw the purchase, renovation and management of 15 commercial properties in and near the Second Avenue business district. He spearheaded the purchase of the historic former home of Jozsa’s Corner at 4800 Second Ave. and has prepared it so the community can determine what comes next for this neighborhood landmark.

These achievements crown a career spanning more than 40 years in non-profit and community development work. Dave says God called him to this work. He approaches it with his whole heart.

Dave has also been a great help to me. He is good at filling in background details and has helped my reporting a lot. And his feedback, when I have sought it, is always both thoughtful and gently delivered. I will miss seeing him in the office.

While Dave’s retirement brings a poignant “goodbye,” it also brings an exciting “hello.”

The new director of real estate is Nancy Noszka. Nancy is a Pittsburgh native who grew up in Highland Park in a family of eight.

A light-skinned, middle-aged woman with shoulder-length blond hair.
Incoming Hazelwood Initiative real estate director Nancy Noszka started in February. Photo courtesy of Nancy Noszka

In her 30-year career in community development, Nancy has gotten good at cultivating relationships with community members, local authorities and organizations. She finds ways of helping them identify lasting solutions where everyone wins. In her work around the city and county, she has assessed community needs, devised strategic plans and mobilized resources to make those solutions a reality.

Nancy says, “Helping people find homes or launching small businesses represents more than just professional fulfillment — it’s about contributing to the betterment of communities and empowering individuals to achieve their aspirations.”

I hope you will join me in welcoming Nancy to Hazelwood Initiative.


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