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15th Ward Democratic Committee elects new leadership team | The Homepage

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

By the 15th Ward Democratic Committee

15th Ward Democratic committee chair, Michael Bartley. Photo courtesy of Michael Bartley

On June 16th, newly elected 15th Ward Allegheny County Democratic Committee members met at The Spartan Center in Hazelwood to vote in their leadership team.

  • Michael Bartley of Greenfield was re-elected 15th Ward chair.

  • Addy Lord of Greenfield was elected vice chair.

  • Reverend Michael Murray of Hazelwood was re-elected as secretary.

  • Delores Hanna of Greenfield was re-appointed as treasurer.

The newly formed committee, with many new members, vowed unity and renewed cooperation as they work to engage and energize the ward as a force in city and county politics.

Chairman Bartley said, "This committee is stronger than ever, and we represent diversity and inclusion and the best of the Democratic Party, a beautiful mix of different races, genders, sexual orientations and age groups.”

The committee called for a re-boot of sorts to get more younger people registered to vote, a better ground game to engage voters before and on election days, and more community events.

15th Ward Democratic committee vice chair, Addy Lord. Photo courtesy of Addy Lord

“It’s a new day in politics in the 15th,” said Bartley. “We are humbled to be elected and thrilled to serve and get to work.”

The 15th Ward comprises several neighborhoods including Hazelwood, Glen Hazel, Glenwood, Greenfield, and a small sliver of south Squirrel Hill.

To learn more about the 15th Ward Democratic Committee, go to or email

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